Did you know that chasing the lowest freight rate is not always the right way to reduce your transportation’s overall costs? There are many ways to lower freight costs that don’t depend on the negotiated freight rates with your carriers.

Here are just 3 ways F&L will help you to lower freight costs that don’t involve just the cost of the shipment!

-Consolidate your carriers; F&L will manage all your freight needs under one roof and eliminate the frustration and time that comes with dealing with multiple carriers and worse still – call centres.

-Try and avoid last minute rush shipments; Unless you have the right contacts rush shipments can cost you double if not more for the price of a normal delivery. F&L does have the right contacts for all your “last minute must get there rush shipments”, we will also review the internal processes to help steer away from rush orders when possible. One way is to simply increase your lead times!

-Don’t let logistics continue to swallow your staff’s time; Your staff’s time is valuable and could be invested in your business growth instead of chasing Eta’s. F&L has a Customer Service Team dedicated to resolve operational service issues and ensure your shipments are delivered on time.