When is customer service, old-fashioned a real service?

The phrase ‘customer service’ is dragged out, often when freight businesses are asked what is important to them.

But what do we really expect as part of that service?

These days businesses can no longer simply claim that they provide good customer service because it is expected.

It’s like potential employees saying that one of their skills is punctuality.

It is simply an expectation.

The old adage we provide, excellent customer service, is dead.

For example, the dreaded phone call you have to make to a business you know uses a Call Centre.

These days we spend so much of our time on hold, that we even prepare ourselves for it.

We grab a coffee, call the number using the speaker and sit back working on other tasks until our call is answered, only to madly scramble to grab the call when it is finally answered by a real person.

And that is why we are different.

Our clients have our direct number, answered by a real person in our Melbourne staffed office.

We are able to get you the information that you need quickly, or if we can’t give it to you then and there, we will find out the correct information for you and simply call you back promptly.

No waiting around on hold, listening to fuzzy old radio stations or daggy elevator style music.

Simply call and speak with us directly.

We believe in old-fashioned, simple service, where we provide you with the high level of personal service you require and can advise you on the best options for your freighting needs.

So if you are wondering if you are really getting the highest quality customer service and flexible logistics solutions at a competitive price, simply call me directly today to book your complimentary ‘Freight $olver on 1300 933 201