Every year around April we see the all the health insurance companies flooding our TV, radio and online advertising, desperate for our attention.

They are all trying to justify why they are the best or why there will be a hike in increased costings for what is normally the exact same level of service.

It is a great reminder for me to sit on the phone and do a comparison shop across their services.


Because I want to make sure that I am getting the best value for my money and they are able to meet the changing needs of my family’s insurance.

And because the last 5 years of doing this I have been able to save an extra 8% of my policy.

Now, this takes me approximately 25 minutes each time to do this cost analysis, but it is well worth it.

I save an estimated $237 each time I make the call.

And I think that making $237 in less than half an hour is excellent in anyone language.

Especially when it comes to a necessary expense.

It certainly pays me to do my research.

And it can pay you to do yours.

Because when it comes to the ongoing costing of freighting is also about on your time, not just your money.

And here is the good news…

It won’t even really need to be you that is doing the research!

Here at Freight and Logistics, we offer a complimentary Client Freight Analysis, comparing the freight and logistics services.

We will match your company to the most suitable carrier/s and achieve a result on savings. The analysis is delivered in two components;

Phase One: Confirmation of Transport Services and Costs

– Investigate current operations and detail options
– Gather and Analyse freight costings
– Confirm annual expenditure
– Current service levels
– Understand all operational requirements and parameters

Phase Two: Development of Options

– Compare preferred options against current distribution profile.
– Meet enhanced service standards and analyse cost advantages/disadvantages.
– Utilise industry knowledge
– Your company’s involvement in the analysis of options

To claim your complimentary ‘Client Freight Costing Review’ call me directly on 1300 933 201 or email liz@freightandlogistics.com.au today.

There is no set date that you need to do this by, not like the insurance companies, but the sooner you get it done, the sooner you will be saving yourself, time, money and hassles.